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This is the parent module of NimYAML, a package that provides facilities to generate and interpret YAML character streams. Importing this package will import everything from all subpackages.

There are three high-level APIs which are probably most useful:

  • The serialization API in serialization enables you to load YAML data directly into native Nim types, and reversely dump native Nim types as YAML.
  • The DOM API in dom parses YAML files in a tree structure which you can navigate.
  • The JSON API in tojson parses YAML files into the Nim stdlib's JSON structure, which may be useful if you have other modules which expect JSON input. Note that the serialization API is able to write and load JSON; you do not need the JSON API for that.

Apart from those high-level APIs, NimYAML implements a low-level API which enables you to process YAML input as data stream which does not need to be loaded into RAM completely at once. It consists of the following modules:

  • The stream API in stream defines the central type for stream processing, YamlStream. It also contains definitions and constructor procs for stream events.
  • The parser API in parser gives you direct access to the YAML parser's output.
  • The presenter API in presenter gives you direct access to the presenter, i.e. the module that renders a YAML character stream.
  • The taglib API in taglib provides a data structure for keeping track of YAML tags that are generated by the parser or used in the presenter.
  • The hints API in hints provides a simple proc for guessing the type of a scalar value.


hints, parser, presenter, annotations, serialization, stream, taglib, tojson, dom


YamlNodeObj, []=, constructChild, loadMultiDom, dumpDom, representChild, YamlDocument, initYamlDoc, ==, hash, mitems, []=, newYamlNode, $, YamlNodeKind, mpairs, newYamlNode, loadDom, [], [], serialize, compose, len, YamlNode, newYamlNode, items, pairs, [], TypeHint, guessType, display, YamlParserError, parse, init, YamlLoadingError, initYamlParser, parse, YamlParser, defineOptions, AnchorStyle, TagStyle, YamlPresenterJsonError, YamlPresenterOutputError, PresentationStyle, present, transform, defaultPresentationOptions, NewLineStyle, present, PresentationOptions, OutputYamlVersion, transform, transient, implicit, defaultVal, sparse, ignore, YamlStreamError, endMapEvent, hash, constructObject, newBufferYamlStream, defineCoreTag, ignore, collectionStyle, yamlTag, construct, yTagExclamationMark, peek=, yTagValue, yTagNull, constructObject, yamlTag, CollectionStyle, EventKind, hash, representObject, YamlStream, constructChild, startSeqEvent, yTagInteger, constructObject, yTagSet, loadAs, representChild, endDocEvent, yTagMapping, implicit, startStreamEvent, ScalarStyle, constructObject, ==, presentTag, representObject, representChild, constructObject, nimyamlTagRepositoryPrefix, Anchor, representChild, newYamlConstructionError, defineTag, representObject, constructObject, dump, defaultVal, $, Event, constructChild, constructObject, yamlTag, endStreamEvent, peek, $, representObject, representObject, Mark, transient, representObject, yTagYaml, constructObject, startSeqEvent, ConstructionContext, ==, scalarEvent, constructObjectDefault, yamlTagRepositoryPrefix, yTagQuestionMark, constructObject, representChild, constructObject, representObject, representObject, yTagBoolean, put, constructChild, getLastTokenContext, yamlTag, ==, representObject, constructScalarItem, yTagPairs, constructObject, yamlTag, yTagOrderedMap, Tag, properties, mitems, aliasEvent, yamlTag, representObject, startDocEvent, startMapEvent, constructChild, constructObject, basicInit, $, scalarEvent, endSeqEvent, newSerializationContext, yamlTag, startMapEvent, yTagNimField, initYamlStream, constructObject, next, yTagFloat, constructObject, yamlTag, renderAttrs, YamlSerializationError, BufferYamlStream, yamlTag, yTagString, yamlTag, constructChild, represent, yTagSequence, yTagBinary, dump, representObject, yTagMerge, sparse, constructObject, representObject, constructObject, SerializationContext, newConstructionContext, representChild, representObject, yAnchorNone, load, Properties, representObject, YamlConstructionError, items, yamlTag, representObject, yTagTimestamp, representObject, loadMultiDoc, newBufferYamlStream, YamlStream, basicInit, BufferYamlStream, put, next, getLastTokenContext, YamlStreamError, peek=, peek, initYamlStream, items, mitems, yamlTag, yTagNimFloat32, yTagNimInt8, yamlTag, yamlTag, yamlTag, yamlTag, setTagUri, nimTag, yamlTag, yamlTag, yTagNimUInt32, yamlTag, yamlTag, yTagNimUInt64, yTagNimFloat64, yamlTag, setTagUri, yTagNimInt32, yTagNimInt64, setTag, setTag, yTagNimInt16, yamlTag, yTagNimChar, yTagNimUInt16, yTagNimUInt8, constructJson, loadToJson, loadToJson